Help us build a new BK Food Truck!

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$10,969 towards $40,000

Let's Build a Food Truck together!

UPDATE: The NEW Food Truck Trailer shell is here in Denver! Thanks to all who donated to get the Blue Knights to this point. We still need funds to complete the interior so please donate and spread the word to help make this a reality THIS summer. Here's what the NEW food truck could look like:

http://www.coolfundraisingideas.net/thermometer/ What would your kitchen look like after 1.6 million meals? That's right; the Blue Knights Food Trailer has served over 1.6 MILLION MEALS and TRAVELED OVER 250,000 MILES in its 25 years of service.

If your kitchen was built in 1992 and bounced around the country every summer during that time, would it need to be replaced? Ours certainly does. It's bones are weak and fragile. It has earned its retirement!

Over the last 3 years:

  • At least $5,000 in food has been thrown away due to broken refrigerators and freezers.
  • Upwards of $2,000 in repairs to freezers and refrigerators have been made.
  • The offline water storage wants to stay offline and requires a repair.

Not to mention:

  • Refrigerator space is typical of a family of eight. We have a family of 200!
  • Only 2 of the 4 ovens work consistently.
  • It requires use of split rim tires, which are becoming difficult to get serviced because of limited availability.
  • Sinks are too small to effectively soak and sanitize our largest items.
  • Hot oven doors open into restricted space.
  • Without air conditioning, cook staff experience working temperatures of 120* degrees or more.
  • Plus more items...

We hope you agree that the current food truck has outlived its usefulness ……. and we WILL need a replacement for the future.

Help us build a new one by making a 100% tax deductible gift!


- Double Stack Convection Oven: $6,300 (SOLD!)
- 30 Gallon Tilt Skillet: $4,200 (SOLD!)
- Commercial 3 Door Freezer: $3,500
- 6 burner range: $2,700
- Fire suppression Certification: $2,500
- Commercial 2 Door Refrigerator: $2,200
- Stacked washer/dryer: $900
- Stainless steel counter for grill/cooktop insets: $900 (SOLD!)
- Triple Sink: $850 (SOLD!)
- 20 cu. upright Freezer: $650 (SOLD!)
- Low profile faucet pre-rinse sprayer: $400
- Two pot filler faucets: $200 each
- Stainless steel prep table: $200 (SOLD!)
- Hand wash sink: $150 (SOLD!)
- Wall Cabinet (9 available): $150

NOTE: Items listed fit the exact space measurements for this particular trailer, therefore we are unable to receive items purchased elsewhere as a donation. Please direct all inquiries to Thelma at development@ascendperformingarts.org. Thank you!